State Laws & Rules

Welcome to the State of Florida. Home of Trusted Trappers, Inc.We follow all state laws, rules, and guidelines regarding animal removal. The State of Florida, by way of its Constitution, grants legal authority to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This allows the agency to oversee states wildlife resources.

With this authority comes great responsibility. The mission the agency, "to manage freshwater aquatic life and wild animal life and their habitats." Duly, we recognize the work the agency puts into the state's wildlife.

We pay special attention to state laws regarding baiting, trapping, and transporting, nuisance wildlife.

The following are the governing laws and rules over our industry:

Florida State Laws

Florida State Laws & RulesFlorida Statutes 379.305, 379.372, and 379.373. This law prohibits the possession or exhibition of poisonous or venomous reptiles. You must first have obtained a special permit. Also, you must have posted a bond, and complied with the safe housing and transportation regulations.

Florida Statute 379.3762 and Rules adopted by the FWCC (Rule 68A-4.001). This law states that it is unlawful to possess certain native or non-indigenous wildlife for pets. Unless, the appropriate permit has been obtained from the Commission. Also, Rule 68A-6 regulates wildlife as pets.

Florida Rules

Chapter 68A-4.001, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) is the Commission's general prohibition on the taking of wildlife. It states, "no wildlife or freshwater fish or their nests, eggs, young, homes or dens taken, transported, stored, served, bought, sold, or possessed in any manner or quantity at any time except as specifically permitted by these rules nor shall anyone take, poison, store, buy, sell, possess or wantonly or willfully waste the same except as specifically permitted by these rules."

Chapter 68A-6, F.A.C. - prohibits the possession of all wildlife for exhibition, public sale, or personal use unless appropriate permits obtained from the Commission. This Rule also states pen specifications and caging and transportation requirements. No license is required to possess the following wildlife for personal use unless other Rules of the Commission regulate possession of a species (e.g., venomous snakes and endangered species): reptiles, gerbils, amphibians, shell parakeets, rats and mice, canaries, mole, shrews, rabbits, hares, squirrels, chipmunks, ferrets (European), lovebirds, guinea pigs, cockatiels, hamsters, parrots, finches, mynah birds, toucans.

Chapter 68A-9.010, F.A.C. allows the killing of destructive mammals except for deer or black bear on your by means other than gun and light, steel traps or poison, provided that the destructive mammals are killed only with the immediate locality where damage is occurring. Birds other than blackbirds, cowbirds, grackles, and crows may be executed only under the authority of a special permit issued by the

Chapter 68A-24.002, F.A.C. allows the taking of opossums and raccoons with and light at night throughout the year.

Chapter 68A-4.005, F.A.C. States that no person shall transport within, into, or from the state any wild-trapped, live raccoon.

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