Snake Removal

We specialize in snake removal. The State of Florida is home to roughly 50 different varieties of snakes. Of them, only six are venomous; they are:

  • Southern Copperhead Southern Copperhead Snake west palm beach
  • Cottonmouth or "Water moccasin"Florida Water Moccasin
  • Timber RattlesnakeTimber rattlesnake
  • Dusky Pygmy RattlesnakePygmy rattlesnake
  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Snake removal Palm Beach County
    • Coral Snake¬† snake removal

    Snake removal is needed because certain snake bites can kill you. While any snake can bite, it is the bite of a venomous snake that is potentially life-threatening. Although, statistically, one stands a higher chance of being bitten by dogs, bees or struck by lightning than being bitten by a snake.

    Thus, one can deter potential snake visits to their yard. Moreso, by getting rid of firewood stacks, debris, boards or lumber, and other objects lying on the ground. Duly, snakes prefer cooler, damp, and dark environments.

    Hence, there are many snake repellants on the market. Further, how good they are, if used alone, is debatable. As a result, we use trapping and proprietary repellant together to control snake numbers on a client's property.

    As a result, if you are experiencing a snake inside your home, do not try to kill or catch it on your own. Also, snakes are typically not aggressive towards people, if cornered, a snake will stand its ground, and this is when most snake bites occur. Stop, keep the snake isolated and an eye on it if you can and immediately call Trusted Trappers, Inc.

    Duly, fear of snakes (ophidiophobia), is genuine. As a result, the mere sight of a snake ironically can make some folks skin crawl! Trust us for all of your snake removal needs. Contact us to schedule a home inspection.