Skunk Removal

We provide skunk removal services. If you've ever encountered a skunk there is one guarantee, you will never forget the smell! Florida is home to both the Eastern Spotted and Striped Skunks.

Eastern Spotted Skunk Removal

When a predator approaches an Eastern Spotted Skunk can do a hand stand, point its anal glands towards its threat, and spray away!

Hence, either species of skunk are cute and cuddly looking creatures. It's their innate defense mechanism that makes them less than desirable to have around. Skunk removal, a necessity because they release a putrid, oily musk secreted from glands near their anus. When in danger, they can spray up to 15 feet to deter predators, including foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and domestic dogs.

Thus, skunks are about the size of a domestic house cat, with long beautiful fur, short legs, small black eyes, and a cute little button nose. The Easter Spotted according to its name is black with white spots throughout its body while the Striped Skunk has well defined white and black stripes running the length of its torso.

Skunk diet & activity

Eastern Spotted Skunks are carnivorous; they feed on small mammals, grubs, insects, corn, grapes, and berries. Striped skunks are omnivorous; they feed on including insects, small mammals, birds, and their eggs, crustaceans, fruits, grasses, leaves, buds, grains, and nuts.

Skunks are nocturnal and are most active at night. They're generally solitary animals, except for communal denning in colder climates during winter months. However, here in Florida, it is highly likely that you'll find them living and foraging alone.

The best thing you can do to deter skunks is to make sure any low-level entry points in your home are sealed up. Skunks, like most nuisance wildlife, are opportunistic. Any crawlspaces with easy access or small openings they can get into they will. Once, inside your home, they will spray and mark their territory. The smell will permeate throughout your entire home, and it may make your living space unbearable for a few days.

If you're experiencing issues with skunks on your property, we will quickly, and efficiently resolve them for you. Our Wildlife Specialists are highly skilled and experts and trapping and removing skunks. Our TruFog antimicrobial treatment can disinfect and eliminate odors throughout your entire home. Your neighbor's trust Trusted Trappers, Inc., and you should trust us too. Contact us today for a skunk removal appointment.