Rodent Removal

We specialize in rodent removal. Including, moles, voles, and gophers.

Mole removal

Rodent Removal. Mole RemovalMoles, small mammals with pointed snouts and large front feet, prime for underground digging. Moles create raised tunnels just beneath the surface of our lawns and gardens. Hence, they spend most of their lives underground.

Also, they have been responsible for unknown numbers in damages to residential property, golf courses, and parks. However, moles can, at times, be beneficial as they feed on insects like crickets, beetle larvae, and ants; they also aerate the soil by cycling fresh soil from below to surface level. If only they could do it without destroying the aesthetics of our lawns and gardens!

Vole removal

Rodent removal. Vole removalEqually, there are 23 species of voles in the United States. Florida has several of the 23 species, but the Florida Salt Marsh, Meadow and Pine Vole are the most prevalent we see in our area. Voles, similar to mice, live in fields, forests, and dense shrub environments.

Also, like moles and gophers, they cause extensive damage by tunneling through turf and soil of our landscaped gardens, yards and golf courses in search of food and shelter. Generally active during daylight hours, voles never hibernate and are busy year round. They reproduce similar to rats, year round with many litters annually. Voles rarely ever are found inside homes. While similar, do not confuse them with the ordinary house mouse.

Gopher removal

Rodent removal. Gopher removalPocket Gophers, burrowing rodents. Small to medium sized ranging from 5 to 10 inches long.  Dubbed pocket gophers due to the fur-lined pockets or pouches outside of each side their mouths. These pockets carry food throughout their foraging adventures.

Also, gophers live an active, year-round life. Primarily, power diggers with front paws that have large claws. Hence, known for plugging holes in tunnel systems to prevent snakes and other predators from invading. Pocket Gophers live solitary lives and dislike light in their tunnel system.

Whether you're dealing with moles, voles or pocket gophers; all three cause significant damage to and ruin the aesthetics of our lawns and gardens.

Trusted Trappers, Inc. has spent several years researching the behavior of these animals and has become proficient in our ability to identify the invasive species and remove them.

Trust us to solve all of your unwanted mole, vole, and gopher activity! For rodent removal,  contact us today.