Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removalWe provide raccoon removal services. Raccoons are mammals that adapted well to urban sprawl. They're significant carriers of rabies. They have also developed a reputation as "Trash Pandas," as a result of trash humans leave behind. With their skillful, slender human-like hands with thumbs, raccoons have mastered climbing. As a result, they're known to scale flat walls. Also, raccoons can be incredibly intelligent creatures.

Known diseases

Raccoon removalIn addition to rabies, they also carry:

  • Raccoon Roundworm (Baylisascaris) is an intestinal raccoon roundworm. Raccoons defecate in community latrines. Latrines are sites where they continuously pass fresh feces. As a result, their feces is likely to contain roundworm eggs. These eggs develop into infectious form within 2 to 4 weeks. The disease survives in appropriate environments for several years. If humans ingest the eggs, the larvae hatch out of the eggs. Thus, it potentially moves into organs, causing severe symptoms. Handling adult raccoons is never a good idea. If raccoons are in your attic the risk for contracting this disease is high. Raccoon removal and clean-up is the only way to resolve the problem. Read what the CDC says about the disease here.
  • Leptospirosis is a bacteria commonly carried in the urine of rats, raccoons, and other animals. It develops in humans as well. The disease, contracted by people and animals when they come into contact with contaminated water, urine, or soil via their skin, nose, mouth, throat, or eyes. Dogs are at risk because they're known to drink or lick contaminated water on the ground. Infected dogs become severely ill and die. In people, the disease may cause influenza-like symptoms, as well as severe liver and kidney issues. Read what the CDC says about this disease here.

Raccoon removal In South Florida

Raccoon removalMany people come across raccoons wading in their swimming pools. Thus, the biggest issue, raccoon feces (poop) left in and around pools! Subsequently, that pool now becomes an incubator for disease. As a result, cleaning the pool is mandatory. The Center for Disease Control sees the issue of raccoon removal and defecating in pools and addresses it here.

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