Iguana removal

Iguana removalWe provide iguana removal services. Green Iguanas are taking over South Florida. Thus, it's now common to find them in canals, neighborhoods, and parks. Sadly, paths of destruction and filth are left when they are gone.

Iguana numbers are on the rise. Partly, due to the fact they reproduce like rabbits. As a result, iguanas and property damage go hand in hand. Thus, yards, gardens, roofs, patios, and driveways pay the price. Also, like raccoons, iguanas love pools. They wade in pools, leaving behind fresh feces. As a result, the spread of disease becomes an alarming risk.

FP&L has seen a rise in power outages. These outages directly related to iguanas getting onto utility lines, causing damage. Equally, they are known to chew on utility lines. Thus, creating power, internet, and cable outages. If we can't control iguana numbers, we will see more damage close to home. Company's like FP&L rely on our iguana removal services to keep your power on at all times!

Green iguanas have caused thousands of dollars in damage to local homes. Usually, taking advantage of open entry points. Attics and crawlspaces of homes and businesses are all susceptible. Once inside, they leave behind a host of urine and feces. This activity is dangerous to human health if ingested, breathed, or consumed.

Green Iguanas are an Invasive Species. According to Florida state law, it's legal to shoot iguanas in the head with a pellet gun, stab them in the brain or decapitate them. As a result, they must not suffer. University of Florida researchers has proven that a quick and precise blow to an iguanas head causing brain trauma is the fastest and most humane way euthanize one. It is a crime to drown, freeze, or poison them.

Our trained technicians trap iguanas or lethally remove them from your personal property. We are abreast of, and follow all laws in every city we serve. When it comes to iguana removal, we are the best!

Trust us to solve all of your iguana removal needs throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties!