Dead Animals

Dead animals. Dead animal removal

Dead possum found inside a client's attic.

Dead animals present an unpleasant event to deal with. Hence, we offer dead animal removal services. Often sick and injured animals seek refuge in attics or crawl spaces. Sadly, in most cases, this leads to death. Thus, leading to decomposing animals in your home. As a result, many of our clients call us in to remove dead animals and disinfect the site.

Whether rats or raccoons, once dead, the smell they create is awful. The sooner we identify and remove the animal, the better for all parties. Removing dead animals tends to be a task. Notably, the longer the remains have been decomposing.

As a result, pungent odor, maggots, flies, and bacteria arise. Removal of the remains and complete clean-up are required. Many find this to be a less than desirable job.

Often, getting rid of the remains doesn't remove the odor. This odor, now buried in walls, insulation, and wood is still there. Also, bacteria, germs, and the smell of death are present. Thus, complete antimicrobial treatment is the best way to get rid of the odor and bacteria.

Many times, when animals die, it's never easy. Often, its in the deepest and darkest crevice of an attic or crawl space. Thus, we usually have to retrieve the remains by making long crawls into and out of the area.

We use advanced technology and methods for removing dead animals. Hence, we must access hard to reach and confined areas. For this, we use High-Definition Cameras, Drones, Snake-Cams, or Game-Cams. There aren't any lengths Trusted Trappers, Inc. would go to do the job right. Thus, providing you with a unique customer service experience.

Trust us with any need regarding removing dead animals. We service Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.