Bird Removal

We specialize in bird removal. Florida isn't the Sunshine State without its many native species of birds. Many endangered and protected. However, some birds, ducks & geese are a nuisance. They cause thousands of dollars in damages yearly. As a result, this creates many of the calls we receive for removal.

Bird Removal

Pigeons introduced into society as a domesticated bird. Escaped captivity and formed feral populations. The result of high numbers, pigeon droppings pile up. Their droppings are eyesores and smelly. Also, droppings are corrosive to cars, homes, and buildings.

Pigeons are carriers of many serious health threats. As a result, these threats are transmitted to humans by pigeons through various methods. Additionally, pigeons collide with aircraft near airport runways. Once inside jet engines, pigeons cause engine failure. This failure leads to plane crashes and fatalities.

Woodpeckers are cute until they're pecking holes into the side of your home. Woodpeckers peck holes for three reasons:

  1. Establish territory and attract mates.
  2. To feed on insects inside trees, or siding.
  3. Create a nesting cavity.

However, woodpecker removal can be successful. Identify problems early and employ deterrents. Woodpecker removal will work for you.

Duck Removal

People have illegally released Muscovy Ducks for ornamental purposes. Subsequently, this introduced them into Florida's urban areas. These ducks are invasive species and reproduce quickly. Controversy has arisen because some enjoy the presence of Muscovy's. Meanwhile, others consider them and their activity to be an extreme nuisance.

A Federal Control Order allows for the removal of Muscovy's. However, the catch and release method for them is illegal. If caught, they must be put down.

Duck removalWild Mallards are loved and welcomed within the State of Florida. These migratory birds flock here during fall to winter months. Then migrate out of the state come spring through summer. Domestic Mallards are a problem within the state. If in Florida during summer months it's a Domestic Mallard.

The problem with Domestic Mallards is hybridization. Domestic Mallards are mating with Florida's Mottled Duck during summer months. This activity causes hybrid fowl and threatens to eliminate Mottled Ducks slowly.

Florida law prohibits the release of mallards under 68A-4.0052 of the Florida Administrative Code (FAC). Permits are required to possess, buy, or sell mallards in Florida.

Geese Removal

Egyptian goose removalEgyptian Geese are native to Africa and the Middle East. They've now migrated to South Florida with assistance from people.

The State of Florida doesn't have laws or rules protecting Egyptian Geese. If this species has become a nuisance, removal can take place.

Chicken Removal

Increasing numbers of wild chickens in our neighborhoods have become a problem. Like most nuisance species, feral chicken numbers are now out of control. Mostly due to well-meaning people who've kept them as pets. As a result, they release them into our neighborhoods. It can be challenging to catch chickens. Therefore, they require removal sessions that span many days.

Trusted Trappers, Inc. specializes in the removal of birds, ducks, & geese. Contact us today to discuss your options.