Animal Removal Services


We provide animal removal services. As a result, we operate in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Thus, we consider wildlife in your home, business or property an emergency.

Therefore, we think of ourselves as an Emergency Services Provider. We pay acute attention to detail. As a result, timeliness, quality of work, and following up with our clients separate us from our competition.



We promise the timely arrival of our service technicians for your animal removal appointment. Duly, we value your time, and recognize the importance of being onsite, ready to serve you.

Inspect & Extract

Once onsite, our technicians quickly determine the invasive species. Also, develop a detailed plan of extraction. Thus, this plan is specifically designed for you based on your house and needs.

Guarantee & Follow Up

Included with our service we provide a 100% No More Pest Guarantee in writing. Also, we follow up with every client within two weeks from the date of service. This assures satisfaction with the services we provide and no further issues developed.

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Animal Removal: Trapping

Animal Removal: Exclusions

Exclusions are one of the animal removal services we provide. It entails sealing possible entry points into your home or business. Thus, ensuring that future infestation cannot occur. As a result, seal up your home, and you will never have to worry about animals getting in. It's that simple!

Sealing up your home may include items like:

Roof exclusions

  • Roof Returns, a common entry point in the State of Florida. A roof return is the portion of a roof that meets or butts up against another part of a roof creating a corner or a void that is often left unsealed during the building process.
  • Vent Pipes or Pipe Stacks are plumbing vent pipes that protrude through the roof. In most cases they are a PVC pipe wrapped in galvanized steel, iron, lead or other metal types. While a pipe stack usually does not provide direct access to an attic, it does give access to the home or business plumbing system. In many cases, animals like to gnaw at the metal casing on the vent, which may lead to severe water damage over time.
  • Gooseneck Vents cover exhaust pipes that exit through a roof typically made of galvanized steel. Some feature a trap door that opens and closes based upon vent needs. Many animals find these vents to be easy access to an attic and provide little to no resistance to keep animals out.

Exterior exclusions

  • HVAC Chase refers to ducts or pipework. These ducts carry either supply lines or electrical lines to and from the air conditioner. Typically, these lines are located inside the house and run from the handler to the condenser unit. A/C Chase's are common areas where rodents can enter and exit an attic space or home.
  • Gable Vents are designed to allow hot air to escape from an attic. Hence, Usually located on the side walls under the apex of a roof. Most covered with decorative or louvered vents. Sadly, these vents are usually not reinforced. Therefore, they provide easy access for rodents to enter and exit an attic.
  • Ground/Attic/Under Eave Vents come in various types, materials, and sizes. Most are torn, falling apart, or missing. In every case, these vents are usually the first or foremost point of entry for wild animals.
  • Soffit refers to an exterior architectural feature. Generally, the underside of the roof in an area commonly referred to as an eave. Soffit tends to be a weak point with direct access to an attic behind it. Raccoons tend to easily pull soffit apart from an eave and create an entry point into an attic. Small holes in soffit are also a natural entry point for rodents.

Ground level exclusions

  • Skirting refers to covers that surround the base of raised houses or mobile homes. Skirting falls apart over time. Thus, creating entry points for wild animals. Typically, sick wild animals seek refuge underneath homes. Hence, the most common result we see are animals dying in these spaces and as a result, leading to terrible smells pouring into your home or business.

Antimicrobial Treatment

Antimicrobial Treatments vital facets of the service we provide. When wild animals enter your home or business, particularly attic spaces, it's common for them to leave things behind. Hence, things like urine, feces, pheromones, and disease. Some of these diseases can be fatal when contracted by humans. Once you resolve rodent or wild animal issues, its time to clean up.

We intend to stay true to our promise of using innovative ways to get the job done. Hence, we offer more effective methods of antimicrobial treatment. Thus, we introduce TruFog™.

TruFog™, an ultra-effective fogging method we use to sanitize an attic or crawl space at a rate of 1,000 sq ft per minute. Thus, by atomizing our proprietary antimicrobial blend into a fine mist. We can distribute it into all large and inaccessible areas!

Full Attic Restoration

The final stage of a complete job is an Attic Restoration. We focus on the complete removal of contaminated insulation. It is imperative to remove dirty insulation. Insulation tends to soak up urine and animal waste. Thus, we vacuum all animal waste in the entire attic. Therefore, bringing your attic back to a bare-bones empty space.

We apply TruFog Antimicrobial Treatment. Thus, making sure your left with a sanitized space. Next, the installation of brand new insulation measured to local code. Also, the new infused insulation with pest control. As a result, this pest control prevents the presence of ants, cockroaches, termites, and silverfish. It is preventing them from entering the home's living and working spaces.

Attic restoration, attic cleanup

We are We are Trusted!

About our process.

Trap Up

01Trapping & Animal Removal

From the moment of your initial call to Trusted Trappers, Inc. our highly trained office staff primary concern is to listen to you. They will gather pertinent information from you. Hence, this will be information our Tech will need to begin the process of solving your problem.

Before we send out Specialists, our office staff will discuss any fees (if applicable).

We guarantee the timely arrival of our staff for your Initial Home or Business Inspection. At this time, we complete a detailed analysis of the exterior, roof, attic, and or crawl space. The average time for this inspection is 1 to 2 hours. Hence, our focus is on identifying the invasive species then identify all entry points.

Our staff will take pictures of any evidence found. Thus, these photos will include images of urine, feces, live or dead animals, and entry points. As a result, these photos shared with you immediately. Thus, allowing you to make sound decisions on your options moving forward.

We begin a professional trapping session that lasts 7 to 10 days. If needed at this time, we install any exit valves. Hence, removing any animals currently inside the attic or crawl space.

During our professional trapping sessions, our technicians are required by law to check the traps daily. Any animals caught in live traps will be removed and relocated according to state law.

Seal Up

01Seal up your home

Once a trapping session has begun, exclusion work is scheduled to start. Sealing up all of the entry points while the trapping session is taking place is essential. As a result, it will isolate the current colony and infestation to assure they're all gone.


Also, exclusion work can be very detailed based on what is required to seal your home completely. Thus, this work could take a few visits over a few days to complete while the trapping is going on.

Prior to the end of the trapping session, all exclusion work is complete. If you previously heard any scratching or noises in your attic or crawl space, this activity should be non-existent. The animals caught in traps are starting to slow down, or ideally, there is no activity at all.


The threat and infestation eradicated from your home and you're now pest free! We are now at the end of the 7-10 day period, and all traps removed from your home or business.

Clean Up

01Clean up your home

Preparation for insulation removal now takes place. Any excess storage, materials, or items in the attic removed. As a result, its all bagged up and adequately disposed of offsite. Thus, the insulation crew is scheduled to arrive within one week after the close of trapping.


As a result, on Removal Day, the entire square footage of insulation inside the attic removed. Also, the crew is taking precautions not to spread germs outside of the work area. Thus, insulation disposed of, and the entire attic space is vacuumed clean. This process usually only takes one day over several hours.


Once removal is complete, preparation for TruFog™ antimicrobial treatment begins. Thus, your entire attic space sanitized. Hence, eliminating any hint of bacteria, germs, or disease that could remain on hard, porous surfaces. Equally, it is important that we reach every corner of your attic space. Therefore, we will get everything out! 


Duly, now that your attic is pest-free and thoroughly disinfected, our insulation crew returns. Thus, to install brand new insulation specified to Florida code. As a result, you may now enjoy a job well done!

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