Trusted Trappers, Inc.

Foundation of Customer Service

Disney, Publix, and The Ritz-Carlton; three companies built on sound customer service. Thus, they're industry leaders in giving top notch experiences to each customer they serve. Trusted Trappers, Inc. aims to be as customer centered as this elite group of companies.

Our Humble Beginnings

Trusted Trappers, Inc. animal removal West Palm Beach, FLWe had the vision for the company while working in the nuisance wildlife animal removal field. With each customer meeting, we took notes of things that made customers happy, and things that didn’t. Customers gave us ideas and suggestions of things we could do better. In fact, as customer input came in, we jotted down everything they told us. We wanted to have everything ready for the customer so they did not have to think of anything--just like when you go to Disney or stay at the Ritz. We toyed with the idea of opening our own company for many months. Finally, after much though and planning, we took the leap of faith.

Trusted Trappers, Inc. was created to bring the same high level of customer service to the not so glamorous industry of nuisance animal removal. After all, nobody wants to share space with pesky pests. Also, no one wants to have a headache while trying to get rid of them. Considering the detailed ideas we have, we have faith that you will give us the chance to show you the better side of animal removal—the human side, the specialists who are here to serve you.

Trusted Trappers, Inc. Is By Your Side

Our customers have peace of mind knowing Trusted Trappers, Inc. is licensed, insured, and adheres to all industry rules and regulations governed by the state of Florida. We value and respect your time. We follow the age-old adage, “to be early is on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable”. Let Trusted Trappers, Inc. earn your trust from the moment we show up early to your appointment.