Pigeons v. Airplanes

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Pigeons v. Airplanes, By Kaitlyn C.

Pigeons Colliding With Aircraft At Airports Causing Catastrophic Crashes

Pigeons and Jet Engines

A pilot takes the risk of their plane crashing each time they fly. Flying involves many risks. As a result, pigeons colliding with aircraft at airports causing catastrophic crashes marks one chance of many. Risk pilots face more often, is pigeon’s getting stuck in the airplane’s engine. Pigeons fly too close to planes. Thus, trapping themselves inside jet engine bays. When a bird gets stuck in the engine bay, it can cause harm severe enough to warrant an emergency landing. On some occasions, planes crash because birds find their way inside engine bays. Hence, we must take the necessary action against birds causing accidents.

Pigeons. Bird strikes. AirportsProfessionals have coined the phrase “bird strike” as an instance when birds collide with a plane and end up in the engine bay. Equally, birds wreak havoc at airports. Professionals have learned different techniques to prevent bird strikes. Unfortunately, data shows these strikes will increase. Ultimately, bird strikes could be the result of many lives lost.

Why Are Birds Attracted To Airports? 

Due to the attraction of large open spaces, birds tend to flock to airports. Birds found at airports are on the hunt for food, water and shelter. Therefore, airports become ideal places for birds. Hence, if a bird flies into an airplane engine bay, the risk to humans is minor to severe. Often, the jet engine slices through birds and the plane will be safe.

In cases where there is more than one bird, it can be a case of life or death. Flocks of geese have flown into the path of an airplane and caused it to make an emergency landing. To try and stop accidents from happening, airport management has developed strategies to deter birds.

What Interventions Can Deter Pigeons From Airports?

Wildlife biologists use loud noise, laser and pyrotechnics to keep birds away from airports. There are a few airports that use noises of distressed birds. However, birds are intelligent and often aware of trickery.

In the event of usual methods, not working, specialists must step in. They have to change the airport’s environment. Thus, making it less attractive to common birds. If that fails, they have to use more drastic measures and kill the pigeons. As a result, they receive heavy criticism from bird-friendly groups. 

10 Approaches Airports Can Use To Keep Pigeons Away

  1. Keep garbage, food waste locked away.
  2. Change the birds’ environment.
  3. Use trained dogs or falcons.
  4. Relocate the pigeons to another area.
  5. Remove plants and other sources of food.
  6. Use pyrotechnics and cannons to scare birds away.
  7. Use chemical repellents.
  8. Change the flight schedule to avoid an influx of birds in the area.
  9. Remove nesting sites of birds to stop them using the airport as a home.
  10. Harass the birds so they learn and adapt.

The best thing to do to prevent bird strikes is to use a professional agency like Trusted Trappers, Inc. who understand the importance of finding a solution. They will be able to design a plan to prevent pigeons being a problem at your airport.

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