Got Rats?

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Got Rats? By Kaitlyn C.

Rat Infestation In Residential Attics

Rats are the most common animal to be found in attics. In Florida, many residents have a rat outbreak in their home. Once they have made a home in the attic, they may scratch the attic or walls which can be problematic. Furthermore, they leave feces everywhRat Removal. Rodent Removal. Disease from ratsere they go. They chew electrical wires which can be a fire risk, and that’s not to mention the health risks associated with droppings.

It stands to reason that people want to remove an infestation when they discover it. To check if you have a pest outbreak, search the whole house looking especially at open holes or gaps they could use as an entrance to the home. Start from the lowest level and work upwards. As soon as rats enter the house, they will move through any part of the building. They work their way through walls and up the ceiling to the attic where they make a home and reproduce.

The Diseases That Rats Carry

Many people know that rats were to blame for the bubonic plague, which killed millions of victims. They still carry deadly diseases today. Rodents are adept at finding food sources and will find their way into your kitchen. People who live in the home will eat the food that has been contaminated by rat urine or saliva and becomes seriously ill. Contaminated food may carry diseases such as; Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis, and more.

The Dangers Of Rats In Residential Attics

Finding rats in an attic can be dangerous for homeowners. They are thought to be fond of living on the ground, but they are also skilled climbers. Once in the attic, they bring bugs, like fleas that are a hazard to humans and other animals. Furthermore, they can damage the structure of the home and materials inside.

Wild rodents may bite humans that come into contact with them. If a person is scratched or bitten by a rat, they must see their doctor immediately to check they have not contracted tetanus or rat bite fever.

How To Remove Rodents From Attics

It is an excellent idea to examine why and how these rodents are getting into your attic. If your garden needs cutting, ensure you mow the lawn. The tidier your garden, the less chance it will be appealing to rats. Cut back tall plants and remove food or debris from the yard. Ensure that no food source will attract rodents. Remove garbage from the front or back of the home.

Humane traps can be useful when trapping rats. However, old-fashioned lethal snap traps are the quickest and best method used. Also, poison works, but not recommended due to rats dying inside the home. As a result, foul odors take over your home.

It is far better to use a specialist rat removal company like Trusted Trappers, Inc.  As professionals, they will be able to trap and remove all the rats in your attic. Furthermore, they will seal any openings, give advice on the correct yard treatment and garbage collection, discover where the rodents are entering the property and their nesting places, use traps, baits and ensure the rats are permanently dealt with and don’t return.

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