Wild Chickens Coup

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Wild Chickens Coup: By K. Cameron

Wild Chickens Invading South Florida

Wild Chickens. Feral Chickens. Chicken Removal. Wild Chicken RemovalWild chickens are taking over South Florida and wreaking havoc. Many folks are upset by rising wildfowl numbers. Hence, they’re all over the area. They are pecking through yards, gardens, and driveways in search of food.

Feral chickens prove hard to catch. Many locals have been offered incentives to trap and remove them. Their efforts usually fail. As a result, some contact professionals to have chickens removed. Sometimes, they struggle to remove them as well. Removing chickens is a task; it takes thought and effort to get it done.

The amount of chickens in the area is now in the thousands. Some Florida cities embrace having chickens. There are others, like Pompano Beach, that consider them a nightmare. Hence, residents have reached the end of their ropes. Both the city and county have tried to control the situation.

Wild roosters wake sleeping babies in the early hours of the morning. Sleepy neighbors put earplugs in their ears, but it is no use. Sadly, roosters crowing wake the neighborhood early. Thus, folks are struggling to get a good nights sleep. Especially, people who work all night and go to bed in the morning.

Chickens speed and fear of people make them a challenge to catch. One side effect of their presence is feces, which cause disease. Chickens leave behind piles of feces on driveways. As a result, the mess left behind ranks as unsightly.

How Do Chickens Cause Problems In The Area?

The wild chicken will quickly fly into trees to evade danger and escape capture. There are mixed opinions about the chickens as some people love them. Still, others hate them. There are good reasons for either view. The chickens bring in tourists to the area and make people laugh with their antics. However, the chicken’s defecate in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and convertibles in Florida. The chickens damage landscaping as they dig for worms. The chickens wake snowbirds who want to rest during the winter at dawn. 

Wild Chickens Spark Arguments Amongst Neighbors

Many locals have divided themselves over feral chickens. Some want to feed them, others want them gone. Fact is, feeding chickens make it difficult for them to go away naturally. It is illegal to harbor poultry in many cities. As a result, many don’t abide by the law.

Rising wild chicken numbers have created a dilemma. Many cities have tried various strategies. Also, many counties are now involved. Thus, the key to solving the crisis is hiring professionals like “Trusted Trappers Inc.”

Trusted Trappers has a great deal of experience working with chickens. Their trained staff hold the highest standards. Hence, their work is ethical and practices safe. Thus, if you are having problems with feral chicken in your neighborhood, contact Trusted Trappers, Inc. They will take care of you!

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