Raccoons In Your Pool?

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Raccoons Swimming: By Kaitlyn C.

What Do Raccoons Look Like?

Raccoons in Swimming Pools. Raccoon RemovalRaccoons getting into Swimming Pools has become a common sighting in South Florida. Hence, raccoons in Florida are smaller in size than others found across the country. Adults are 6.6 up to 20 lbs. They all have the trademark bushy tail with brown and black ring markings. Also, black face with white at the top and bottom resembling a mask. The light cinnamon colored critters dominate our area.

Where Did The Name Raccoon Originate?

The Latin name for raccoon is “Procyon”, which translated means ‘washes with hands.’ They are given their name due to the strange appearance of washing their hands and food in the water. Many people believe that raccoons are washing their hands or food, but this is, in fact, untrue. What they are doing is feeling for frogs and crayfish underneath the surface of the water. This behavior looks like hand-washing, but in the wild a raccoon searches for aquatic food in this manner. This behavior might seem cute to an onlooker, but the real problem is that where they live, so do their feces and urine. Nobody wants to find feces in their swimming pool as it is a health hazard due to the diseases they carry in their feces.

Raccoons Pooping in Swimming Pools

It is an increasing problem for many people to find raccoons wading in South Florida swimming pools. It’s challenging to keep them out of pools because they love the water. Therefore, most people are finding that if they have swimming pools, they’re are using them to defecate.

Raccoons defecate in latrines. Locally, if there are raccoons in your area and you own a swimming pool, they’ll likely use it as a toilet. Thus, they tend to latrine on the narrow steps at the entrance of pools. You might be just about to swim and find feces on the steps of your pool.

How To Solve This Problem?

Raccoons are brilliant, sneaky, and resourceful animals that are not easily frightened off. They’re known to return to a familiar location up to 10 miles. Thus, trapping is the best way to solve the issue of raccoons getting in your pool. Catch and remove them, releasing them no less than 10 miles away from your home. Typically, tactics used to scare them off don’t work.

Why You Should Use A Professional Company

Using a professional company like ‘Trusted Trappers Inc’ is the best way forward. These animals can carry nasty diseases like rabies. Also, they’re very aggressive when cornered by trying to catch them. It is always best to hire a professional trapper. Experienced companies know what they are doing. Do not attempt to trap them yourself. People who try to catch them without experience may be attacked or pick up a contagious disease.

Raccoons may look cute and snuggly, but if you try to feed them, then it will encourage them to come back. The majority of rabies outbreaks in Florida each year are due to raccoons. The best thing to do if you find raccoons in your swimming pool is to contact Trusted Trappers, Inc. to help.

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