Iguanas On The Rise

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Iguanas on the rise By: Kaitlyn C.

Green Iguana Population On The Rise In South Florida

Green iguanas invading South Florida. Iguana removalIguanas are increasing in Florida. Sadly, there’s no way of finding out how bad the problem may be. Iguanas are herbivores. Thus, they’re not likely to grow over 4 feet long. Due to a lack of government funding, tracking their numbers haven’t been a priority. As a result, they are not regulated by county animal control agencies. Hence, their numbers will only increase.

There have been problems with iguanas in Florida since the 1960s. They kill other small animals. They’re known to damage sewage and power lines. Green and spiny tail breeds are taking over our local canals. Also, they’re invading yards, gardens. Many folks experience iguanas getting into their houses and attics as well

What Do They Need To Survive?

Iguanas are reptiles; they resemble small dinosaurs. There are over 350 types of iguana in the world. Of these, only three variations call Florida home. Initially, from South and Central America, their appearance and features vary. As a result, they range in color from green, orange, black, brown, and blue. In their native lands, they’re common pets. Some owners, unable to care for them, released them into the wild. Thus, the population crises we now experience has developed.

Iguanas thrive in warm weather conditions. In cold weather conditions (below 40 degrees), they become lethargic. Their health deteriorates, and their skin turns dark from stress. If the weather remains cold for too long, they eventually die.

Iguanas breeding in Florida Are A Pest

Green iguanas reproduce quickly, laying around 30 to 40 eggs each time. They eat local produce, plants, crops and threaten smaller lizards. Ideally, they love to eat flowers like Hibiscus. Sadly, butterflies need these flowers to survive. As a result, they are said to have wiped out the blue butterfly in Florida. Also, they are causing damage to waterways and local infrastructure. Thus, leading to flooding in the region.

Iguanas Causing Havoc To The Ecosystem In Florida

Green iguanas dig holes below concrete foundations. Thus, causing severe damage to local homes. Their feces carry disease. Also, they defecate often and all over the place. Typically, they feed on plants, but they also eat snails and bird eggs.

Iguanas have taken up residence in people’s homes.

Many people keep them as pets, but the problem occurs when they get too big. Pet owners are releasing them in Florida. Thus, making the problem worse. With jagged teeth, perfect for gnawing plants, they may also be aggressive towards humans and pets. Iguana bites may cause serious injuries that need medical attention.

How A Professional Company Can Help

Hiring a professional company to eliminate these lizards makes for excellent population control. Traps placed in areas where iguanas roam most often are successful. Trap checks must occur regularly and any lizards caught must be euthanized.

A professional company like Trusted Trappers, Inc. can remove iguanas quickly. They have many years of experience dealing with these reptiles. Schedule an appointment now for your home inspection.

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